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TitleMain Actor or Director
The last samuraiTom Cruise
The league of extraordinary gentlemenSean Connery
The lord of the rings, the fellowship of ringPeter Jackson
The lord of the rings, the return of the kingPeter Jackson
The lord of the rings, the two towersPeter Jackson
The martial touchMichelle Yeoh
The medallionJackie Chan
The mummyBrendan Fraser
The mummy returnsBrendan Fraser
The mummy, the tomb of the dragon emperorBrendan Fraser
The name of the roseSean Connery
The oneJet Li
The passion of the ChristMel Gibson
The princess BladeYumiko Shaku
The scorpion kingThe Rock
The sixth senseBruce Willis
The undiscovered tombMarsha Yuan
TimecopVan Damme
TitleMain Actor
To kill a mockingbirdGregory Peck

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