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TitleMain Actor or Director
Snake in the eagle's shadowJackie Chan
SnatchBenicio del Toro
Spider-manToby Maguire
Spider-man 2Toby Maguire
Star wars I, the phantom menaceGeorge Lucas
Star wars II, attack of the clonesGeorge Lucas
Star wars III, revenge of the SithGeorge Lucas
Star wars IV, a new hopeGeorge Lucas
Star wars trilogy, extra's/bonusGeorge Lucas
Star wars V, the empire strikes backGeorge Lucas
Star wars VI, return of the JediGeorge Lucas
Talos the MummyRussel Mulcahy
Tears of the sunBruce Willis
The AbyssEd Harris
The adventure continues 2Hornblower
The adventure continues 3Hornblower
The bone collectorDenzel Washington
The Bourne identityMatt Damon
The Bourne supremacyMatt Damon
The Bourne ultimatumMatt Damon

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