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TitleMain Actor or Director
Precious findRutger Hauer
PredatorArnold Schwarzenegger
Presumed innocentHarrison Ford
Pulp FictionQuentin Tarantino
Rambo IIISylvester Stallone
Rambo, first bloodSylvester Stallone
Rambo, first blood part IISylvester Stallone
Rambo, Live for nothing or die for somethingSylvester Stallone
Red PlanetVal Kilmer
Resident evilMilla Jovovich
Resident evil: ApocalypseMilla Jovovich
Resident evil: ExtinctionMilla Jovovich
Rio GrandeJohn Wayne
Rio LoboJohn Wayne
Rise of the silver surferFantastic 4
Runaway trainJon Voight
SaharaMatthew McConaughey
Sands of Iwo JimaJohn Wayne
Saving private RyanTom Hanks
SignsMel Gibson

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