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TitleMain Actor or Director
Lawrence of ArabiaAlec Guiness
MatrixKeanu Reeves
Matrix, reloadedKeanu Reeves
Matrix, revolutionsKeanu Reeves
Mercury risingBruce Willis
Minority reportTom Cruise
Mission impossibleTom Cruise
Mission impossible 2Tom Cruise
Mission impossible 3Tom Cruise
Naked WeaponAlmen Wong
National TreasureNicolas Cage
National Treasure 2Nicolas Cage
NirvanaChristopher Lambert
PathfinderKarl Urban
Patriot gamesHarrison Ford
PaybackMel Gibson
Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's endJohnny Depp
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chestJohnny Depp
Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black PearlJohnny Depp
Pitch BlackVin Diesel

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