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TitleMain Actor or Director
Hollywood homicideHarrison Ford
HostageBruce Willis
Hot FuzzSimon Pegg
Hudson HawkBruce Willis
ImmortalsThomas Kretschman
In the name of the kingJason Statham
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skullHarrison Ford
Indiana Jones and the last crusadeHarrison Ford
Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost arkHarrison Ford
Indiana Jones and the temple of doomHarrison Ford
Indiana Jones bonus materialHarrison Ford
Iron manRobert Downey jr.
JumperHayden Christensen
Jurassic parkSteven Spielberg
Jurassic park IIISteven Spielberg
Jurassic park, the lost worldSteven Spielberg
Kill BillQuentin Tarantino
Kill Bill 2Quentin Tarantino
Kingdom of HeavenOrlando Bloom
L.A. confidentialKevin Spacey

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