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TitleMain Actor or Director
FirewallHarrison Ford
Fist of furyBruce Lee
FlatlinersKiefer Sutherland
FranticHarrison Ford
Frogs and lobstersHornblower
George and the dragonMichael Clarke Duncan
GladiatorRussell Crowe
Harry Potter en de geheime kamerDaniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter en de gevangene van AzkabanDaniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter en de orde van de feniksDaniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter en de steen der wijzenDaniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter en de vuurbekerDaniel Radcliffe
Hellboy - Give evil hellRon Perlman
Hellboy - The golden armyRon Perlman
HeroJet Li
HighlanderChristopher Lambert
Highlander II, the quickeningChristopher Lambert
Highlander III, the sorcererChristopher Lambert
Highlander IV, endgameChristopher Lambert
Hollow manKevin Bacon

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