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TitleMain Actor or Director
Air force oneHarrison Ford
Alien QuadrilogySigourney Weaver
Alien versus PredatorPaul W.S. Anderson
Alien versus Predator - RequiemThe Brothers Strause
Any given sundayAl Pacino
ArmageddonBruce Willes
Back to the futureMicheal J. Fox
Back to the future IIMicheal J. Fox
Back to the future IIIMicheal J. Fox
Ben HurCharlton Heston
BeowulfRobert Zemeckis
Big JakeJohn Wayne
Blade runnerHarrison Ford
Broken arrowJohn Travolta
Bulletproof MonkChow Yun-Fat
CatwomanHalle Berry
Chain reactionKeanu Reeves
Childern of DuneAlec Newman
Clear and present dangerHarrison Ford
CommandoArnold Schwarzenegger

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